Bari Weiss true believer

Jonathan  Ofir reports that New York Times staff editor Bari Weiss just published a book called “How to Fight anti-Semitism”. Weiss’s own paper, the New York Times, judges the book to be “a brave book”, because Weiss is ostensibly walking into perilous intellectual territory.

Should she have to fear ostracism or damage to her journalistic reputation for pointing out that anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, while theoretically distinguishable, have long merged into a single ugly phenomenon?

I meet such people in every Jewish community I speak to. They tend to wait until late in the evening, after the crowd has thinned out or after they’ve had a few glasses of wine, to make their confession. But the confession is always the same: I’m in the closet. It’s not their sexuality or gender expression they are closeting. It is their Jewishness and their Zionism.

Weiss shockingly was hired by NYT on the grounds of “diversity” and as Glen Greenwald wrote in the Intercept

Hiring hardcore, pro-Israel activists for that page (which has no Muslim columnists) was the literal opposite of diversity; and, most of all, (c) Weiss was masquerading as an opponent of viewpoint intolerance on college campuses even though her entire career had been built on trying to suppress, stigmatize, and punish academic criticisms of Israel.

I’ve watched as Weiss has become celebrated in right-wing circles as some sort of paragon of free expression and academic freedom, and mourned by centrists as the tragic victim of online PC mob silencing campaigns (imagine being a columnist and editor at the New York Times — with full access to the most influential media platform in the worldand seeing yourself as the victim of silencing and censorship), even though her entire career is grounded in precisely the viewpoint suppression, vilification, and censorship campaigns she now depicts herself as loathing.

Weiss supposedly the champion of diversity and  “freedom of expression” has  a brutal history of trying to ruin the careers of at least three Arab and Muslim scholars for the crime of criticizing Israel. 

She failed miserably as a rabid Zionist while at Columbia and then subsequently lied  that all she was doing was standing up for students rights to speak in classrooms. The editor of the Columbia newspaper  years later had to call her on her lies:

bari, i have no desire to be involved here, but your synopsis of the events of 2004/2005 is unfair. you weren’t simply “advocating for students’ rights,” you were calling professors racist. i know because i wrote or edited most of the stories about it. 

Last Friday on the Bill Maher show she blithely called Jeremy Corbyn  the head of the UK Labour party an anti-Semite. This disgusting libel went unchallenged.


The lesson for academics, and American society as a whole: McCarthyism is unacceptable except when criticism of Israel is involved.”

As the Zionist narrative has unravelled and as the true history of Palestinian dispossession-has  become clear  to all but  the terminally true believers, the trolls financed by Israel and Jewish organizations are going full bore after anybody who dares show any sympathy to the “victims of the victims’ (Said).

Unlike the shallow Bari Weiss thousands of Jews today are agreeing with Jewish Voice for Peace’s conclusion

we have come to see that Zionism was a false and failed answer to the desperately real question many of our ancestors faced of how to protect Jewish lives from murderous antisemitism in Europe…he Zionism that took hold and stands today is a settler-colonial movement, establishing an apartheid state where Jews have more rights than others. Our own history teaches us how dangerous this can be.

Weiss an educated woman of privilege is sadly on the wrong side of history. To constantly paint herself as a brave underdog fighting against massive odds is  pathetic in the extreme.The witty blogger Mysterioso has no time for her crocodile tears

Ah, poor Bari Weiss is finding it increasingly difficult to be a Zionist in today’s world. Boohoo. Well, she better get used to it. It’s going to get worse, much worse. The ugly historical facts of Zionism and its spawn, “Israel,” are catching up to her and her kind and becoming common knowledge. As are its current ongoing crimes against the indigenous Palestinians.

She just doesn’t “get it” or refuses to do so. There is no excuse for her appalling ignorance. As is thoroughly documented, during the late 1940’s and for decades thereafter, monstrous crimes were being committed by Zionist forces of foreign origin against the essentially defenseless indigenous Palestinians, including dispossession and expulsion by means of armed force, intimidation, mass rape, several massacres and the destruction of over 500 of their towns and villages, including churches, mosques and cemeteries. About 1,200,000 Palestinians were driven out of their ancestral homeland into refugee camps and elsewhere between late 1947 and 1967. 

These horrors were then virtually unknown to the majority of people around the world, including many Jews not living in “Israel.” Today, thankfully, Zionists’ past and current accelerating crimes against Palestinians are rapidly becoming common knowledge due to diligent work by eminent historians, the Internet and other reliable easily accessible sources such as Mondoweiss. It should come as no surprise to Ms. Weiss that informed, decent folk everywhere, from all walks of life, together with increasing numbers of righteous Jews, refuse to look the other way. They see Zionism for the evil it is and will continue to vigorously oppose it.