The riotous anti-Semitic speech of President Trump

Donald Trump’s speech to the Israeli American Council on Dec,7 in the presence of his biggest donors, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, was  chaired by convicted tax cheat Adam Milstein, a major funder of anti-Palestinian causes.The president reached heights of rhetoric not heard since Gerald Ford and the laughter, you wouldn’t believe it!

Few squirmed as Trump spewed out an anti-Semitic diatribe (below) and generally made a fool of himself but what the heck, he loves Israel

I said to Sheldon, “What do you think was bigger? … Israel and the embassy going in, and it became Jerusalem, the capital of Israel? Or the Golan Heights [recognition as Israeli territory]?” He said, “Neither.” I said, “What do you mean ‘neither,’ Sheldon?” He said, “The biggest thing you did for Israel was breaking up and terminating the horrible, one-sided, catastrophic deal that was made by President Obama.” (Applause.) Right?

I said, “I never thought of it that way, Sheldon, but I agree with you. If you want to know the truth, I agree with you.”

We have to get the people of our country, of this country, to love Israel more. I have to tell you that. We have to do it. We have to get them to love Israel more. Because you have people that are Jewish people, that are great people — they don’t love Israel enough. You know that. You know that. (Applause.)

As President, I want to be very clear my administration vigorously condemns the BDS campaign against Israel. (Applause.) But sadly, BDS has also made disturbing headway on American college campuses. You know that, don’t you?…

            It’s Unthinkable It’s anti-Semitic!

Shockingly, a number of far-left members of Congress have also recently joined the international effort to bully, attack, and denigrate Israel. And it’s incredible what’s been happening with your Congress. Ten years ago, it was unthinkable. Six years ago, it was pretty unthinkable. And now, to see what’s going on and to watch Nancy Pelosi and these people be pushed around is unbelievable… Earlier this year, a number of prominent Democrat lawmakers sponsored legislation to support the BDS movement. You know that, right? Outrageously, the resolution compared boycotting Israel to boycotting Nazi Germany, a grave insult to the memory of the 6 million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust. You remember that, don’t you, where this was just put before Congress.

This is different. This is different than what it was. This couldn’t have happened 10 years ago; couldn’t have happened. Twenty years ago, it would have been impossible. Ten years ago, it would have been impossible. You’ve got to be very careful. Make no mistake: Radical lawmakers who support the BDS movement are advancing anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda. And Americans will not stand for it. We’re not going to stand for it.

               Kings and Queens called: You wouldn’t believe it!

Many, many [U.S.] Presidents said they were going to move the embassy to Jerusalem. A I started getting calls from everyone. I got calls from presidents. I got calls from prime ministers. I got calls from kings and queens. I got calls from everyone. (Laughter.) “Don’t do it. Don’t do it, please.” Don’t do it. It will be terrible if you do it. It will be horrible if you do it.”

And I heard this from many people. And then the time came closer and closer, and I did something that was smart, because I learned then and there — for that two-week period, I was inundated — I learned why other Presidents, in all fairness to them, why they made the campaign promise but why they never got it off: Because they were besieged by foreign leaders. The top, the biggest people in the world called them. You wouldn’t believe how many; some countries you never even heard of were calling. (Laughter.) I said, “What’s that country all about?” (Laughter.)

And about a week and a half out, I said, “Listen, tell these people I’m going to call them back.  I’d say, “Hi, I’m sorry, I couldn’t get back to you quickly” — (laughter) — “but what’s up?” (Laughter and applause.) “What’s up?”

                 Shelly taught me

Well, I learned all these tricks from Sheldon. So, you know. (Laughter.) So I call: “Hi, King. What’s up? What’s happening?” (Laughter.) H What can I — “Yeah, I wish — you know, I wish I could have gotten you sooner, but I’m so busy.” (Laughter.) I took about 40 of those calls. Right? Everyone was the same: “I wanted to tell you…” I said, “But, you know, in the meantime, it opened and it And it was a big deal, and it was great. 

Trump speaks of Jews with wealth who will be opposed to Democratic progressive tax legislation.

A lot of you are in the real estate business because I know you very well. You’re brutal killers. (Laughter.) Not nice people at all. But you have to vote for me; you have no choice. You’re not going to vote for Pocahontas [his slur for Elizabeth Warren], I can tell you that. (Laughter and applause.) You’re not going to vote for the wealth tax. “Yeah, let’s take 100 percent of your wealth away.” No, no. Even if you don’t like me; some of you don’t. Some of you I don’t like at all, actually. (Laughter.) And you’re going to be my biggest supporters because you’ll be out of business in about 15 minutes, if they get it. So I don’t have to spend a lot of time on that.