The base rules in Israel

The only democracy in the Middle East which privileges one group over any other long ago had its coup by letting terrorists like Begin, Shamir and Sharon become prime ministers and let soldiers beat up and murder with impunity.on a daily basis. The “only democracy” denies justice and dignity to the indigenous people from whom they stole their country seventy years ago.


Israeli writer B.Michael (Michael Brizon)  proves that not all citizens buy this version of democracy.His articles are laced with sardonic observations and the one below is a good example. In Israel, the tone deaf and racist base is already in power.

It is important that Mr Michael can only say these things on the high quality Haaretz newspaper, read by only 4% of Israel. Most Israelis get their ant-news from the rag called Israel Hayom which the late Sheldon Adelson bankrolled  and which was a conduit for the poison that Netanyahu and Trump spewed.

Follow Adelson’s  money! In Israel it purchased a lot of Kool Aid.


A vigorous debate has been taking place in all of the media outlets. There isn’t a single newspaper, television channel, website, radio program or social media platform that hasn’t engaged in it. And it all revolves around one single question: Could it happen here? That is, will we, too, have the privilege of looking on blindly as a savage mob storms the legislature to punish it and impose its will on it.

The debate is fascinating. Invigorating. Thorough. Expansive. It’s just too bad that it’s completely unnecessary. Because in Israel it won’t happen. In Israel, it can’t happen. Nor is there any need for it to happen.

Because here, it already has happened – long ago. Our revolution is behind us. The “base” took control of the government a decade or more ago. Our legislature has long since become the “base legislature.”

Our revolution needed no violence. After all, why use force when it’s possible to do it peacefully, through deceit? Our parliament, for instance, castrated itself voluntarily, without damaging the furniture. And our thugs took power without breaking any windows, dirtying the carpets or stealing computers. Nor did they need ridiculous costumes or fur hats with horns (okay, there are fur hats here as well, but without the horns).

And recently, when it seemed as if the revolution’s accomplishments were in some danger, our revolutionaries quickly gave it a stimulating blood transfusion. Not by force, heaven forbid. Not by violence. Solely by bluff. By deception. By an extensive campaign of vote theft and deceit. A sting operation virtually without parallel in human history. And the revolution indeed immediately regained its full power.

War 33.jpg

That is how we reached this point – a government that’s entirely dependent on a gang of egotistic evangelicals who educate their children to believe that slavery is freedom and ignorance is strength; on a gang of delusional, avaricious thugs who have convinced themselves and others that war is peace and that the eyes of Big Brother in the heavens are always watching; and on a herd of corrupt people who see the state treasury as their private purse from which money is available for the taking.
Netan 7.jpg

And that’s how we merited a government that is headed by a person who has been charged with crimes and various misdemeanors. A government, one of whose members – not long ago, while serving as the speaker of the Knesset – peed, figuratively speaking, on an order issued by the High Court of Justice, with neither hesitation nor shame. A government, at least two members of which are living under the shadow of indictments that could land on top of them at any moment.

A government, nearly all of whose members are busy with carrying out the will of the base that rules them, with diligence and dedication. In order to teach us that everything the American base sought to obtain through violence, our base has achieved peacefully.

Yet another wonder: The will of the base here and the base there are as alike as two drops of snot. All the foreigners should be kicked out, all the elites should burn, all the Arabs should die and everyone should come back to God. And that’s it. You don’t need to do it by force.kill-arabs.jpg
The resemblance between these two bases is already so great that we even have our own Hilltop Bullies (a fitting Israeli answer to American hillbillies), who think they have the right to beat up soldiers and police officers to their heart’s desire. Not, heaven forbid, to seize power, since that is already in their hands, simply for purposes of entertainment.

In fact, all of the above could be summed up in one short sentence: In a country where Amir Ohana is the minister of public security, there’s no longer anything to overturn. Because everything in it has already been turned upside down long ago.